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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Soooh Hot Prince Stefan in a Sexy Mag!

We can't believe to see a former boy next door now turned to be a very, very, hot and sexy man! Prince Stefan, the former StarStruck IV graduate is now one of the sexiest and hottest man to dream of!

Uhhh...uhhh...Prince! He is so sexy now....ahhhh...ahhhh!!!

These are some of the seductive and daring hot photos of Prince Stefan in the X-Ray Junior poster magazine! He is sizzling topless, naked, and uhhhh sooo yummy!

Ang sarap-sarap na ni Prince Stefan ngayon...! Siguradong laglag lahat ng panty mo! Pagkasarap-sarap...!!! Uhhh yeah...!!!

Prince turned to be a daring hunk now! Looking at him, you will really jerk off! He is sooohhh arousing...!!! Ahhhh...ahhh...ahhhh...!!!!

What more can we ask from Prince! He's sizzling...! How I wish I can have a sex with him...!!! Uhhh...uhhhhh....ahh...ahhhh...Prince....ibaba mo pa....ahhhhh!!!!

Top or bottom, Prince is really oozing with hotness!!! Mula sa mukha, katawan, at maging sa baba...pagkasarap-sarap ohhhh.....!!! Hubad pa Prince....uhhhhh!!!

Prince're definitely a very....uhhhhhh.....!!!! You will really get wet all over because of this kind of Prince!!! Ahhhh...ahhhh...uhhhh....yeah!!! C",)


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