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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hideo Muraoka, A Very Yummy Brapan Model!

Whenever I'm passing in EDSA Guadaupe, I always see a hunk model of Folded and Hung! And I wonder who is that sexy guy?!

Until finally just today, I already knew him!

He is Hideo Muraoka! Yeah he is another Brazilian-Japanese hunk! Just like Akihiro Sato and Daniel Matsunaga, he is a super yummy hot seductive Brapan model who captures the taste of every Filipino! Uhhh...!!!

I really like his body! He is truly oozing with sexiness! He is not only possessing a super hot body, he is also handsome! His face is truly beautiful! A good looking guy! Uhhh..Uhhh...!!

Hideo...Hideo...Hideoohhhh...I can't resist youuuhhhh....!!! make me feel hot and horny! I'm getting arouse...Uhhhh...!!!

I wonder how hot you are in bed! I really want to have a sex wit you..uhhh..uhhh!!! EVen though I become a home wrecker, it doesn't matter just to taste you!

Yeah guys, Hideo is already married! It's hurt to know! He is now a father! Look at the last picture above, that is his baby! Uhhhhuhhu...!!!!

Even in his Facebook account, he confirmed that he is already a father! He is married to Fatima!

But it doesn't matter! You really soohhh hot!!! Pagkasarap-sarap! Uhhh...!!! C",)


Barry Belda said...

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Barry Belda said...

hot pinoy men universe Barry Belda

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